Slowweave Offaly

Slowweave Offaly

Slowweave Offaly is a collaborative art project held in several locations in County Offaly, Ireland.  I used Drupal to develop this minimalist but powerful database driven website.  The aim of the project is to get users in different locations to record their experiences and submit to the artist who then updates the website.  The website is dynamic and contains complex sorting.

The main vision of the client was to have a minimalist website which main purpose was to inform visitors on the main purpose of the exhibition and how to get involved. The information gathered by each participant was then uploaded to the site by the artist.

The client wanted to have a nice easy to use interface with which she could upload data to the site and depending on which location in Offaly, what media type was being submitted (Audio, Video, Photos, Drawings and Writings) would be added to a horizontally scrolled list and sortable depending on location or just media based. The client also wanted the ability to add new locations at any point by either dropping a pin on a Google Maps API driven map or by entering the LAT LONG coordinates to a form. The new location added should dynamically update the sites URL structure so if new content is added for that new area, new links are created for that content along with new views for those links. This was achieved by passing an argument to the URL through the use of the ‘Views’ module in Drupal.

The main Drupal modules used to achieve this were

  • Views
  • Panels
  • GMAP

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