For my Co-op education (Internship) which was at the end of my Second year in college, I worked for the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre ‘Lero’, based in the University of Limerick. I worked on an educational outreach program which works at promoting computer science to secondary school students. I designed and developed the website for the project. I used Drupal to power this website.

When I was starting out planning and designing the website, I was torn between using Drupal and WordPress. Lero were going with Drupal as the CMS of choice for their new website so that seemed like the best option for me also. I wrote out a pros and cons list for each to conclude which was the best to use. The winner in the end was Drupal as it was an open source CMS with which I wanted to start learning to develop and theme with.

I learned a great deal from this project as I was working off my own initiative, from organising my project to learning a new skill. From completing this project I believe that I made the right choice with the CMS I ended up using. Although knowing how Drupal works compared to WordPress for example I think now my decision to work with a particular open source CMS platform would be more informed. As with anything which has a big learning curve, you learn from your experience and judging the size and extent of a project is very valuable in selecting a CMS platform. This comes with the proper planning but I feel this was a great technical and analytical lesson.

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