My Ideal Job

To begin describing my ideal job I have to consider all the areas, which I am interested in. Then break those down into areas which I have excelled in and then of course at areas which I have been active in over the past few years while studying at the University of Limerick and completing some free lance work.

I have been very lucky over the past few years to work on some exciting projects which have helped me network and learn new and varied skills along with time and project management. I currently work as a Freelance web developer, specialising in Content Management driven websites on the Drupal, WordPress platforms. I am also working part time with ‘Lero‘ the Software Engineering Research Centre based in the University of Limerick, through which I am a member of the Irish Computer Society. Here I work as a web developer, UX designer and IT technician. I also work on an educational outreach program which promotes computer science to second level students and now this is even branching out to primary school students. One of the main projects on work on with this is the Scratch Ireland website.

I have always been a fan of Innovative design companies, especially companies or designers who focus on several areas within the interactive design field. Design in itself is a broad area.

When I think of my ideal job and my ideal company to work for, I think of local company Impact Media. Their main areas of expertise are in, “Marketing, Advertising, Web Design & PR”. Since 2003 I have had a huge interest in Web Design and Graphic Design. I have built up my skills over the years, taking inspiration from different places and really enjoy reading articles and keeping up to date with W3C standards and innovations.

One of the most interesting designers which I have come across and have the honor of being connected with on Linkedin is Robyn Morris, who is an Australian Designer. I first discovered Robyn’s work through a book called “The Web Designers Idea Book”. Robyn has had a very interesting career since I first discovered his work. He started out as a freelance designer showcasing his work through his website Digital Mash. He then went on to work with HiiDef Inc as a product designer and partner but recently left to join the product design team at Facebook. Robyn has a really nice clean portfolio website which influenced my own. On his site he also gives really good inspiring advice to young designers about looking for work and building their portfolios.

HiiDef Inc are an interesting little group who run two websites which is a site to allow people to set up their own website within minutes and

The other site is Goodsie which is an online tool to allow people to set up an online shop with minutes. These are two very innovative sites which are user friendly and use eye catching designs.

I find inspiration in a company like HiiDef because they offer a lot to people a tool to set up an online presence and not go through a lot of expense and effort. It’s a system that puts the client in the driving seat and is a nice little business to set up.

Considering the companies, which I have mentioned, my Ideal Job is a job that offers me a lot of flexibility, the flexibility to work on different aspects of digital media. My ideal setting would consist of a design studio that has a graphic design area, a web design/development area that would allow me to work on my web development projects. A sound booth for recording voice-overs for online adverts and recording jingles for adverts. This audio would then be mixed in Pro Tools. These adverts would be for Viral Ad marketing campaigns. I would then have a green screen area to make some video cut aways for online adverts along with an editing suite, which would have Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro installed.

Ideally I would like to find myself in a company which offers me a creative challenge. Giving me the opportunity to learn and explore my skills and be challenged also.

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