The Library of Shadows – Video
The Library of Shadows - Video

The Library of Shadows from UL iMedia 2012/2013 on Vimeo This was a short movie which we created as part of our Masters course. The story is taken from a fairytale written by Stephen Ross. My role was to dissect the story and adapt it into a short film. I directed and shot the movie more »

Interactive Media Portfolio
Interactive Media Portfolio

This site showcases work which I completed while studying for my MSc in Interactive Media at the University of Limerick. I created this site using the Zurb Foundation CSS responsive framework while combining some PHP trickery. This site provides a tour of my learning trail for the 12 months. Visit the website>> .

Digital Hiking Companion – Final Year Project
Digital Hiking Companion - Final Year Project

In today’s economic climate, new strategies should be considered to promote Ireland as a nation of rich natural beauty and as an ideal destination for tourists interested in Outdoor activities. What I wish to address for this project is Hiking and Mountain Climbing. My main motivation behind this idea is to bring smart phone technology more »

Audio Visualiser
Audio Visualiser

This is a college project which I created using Flash AS3 for a module called Interactive Multimedia in my Third year. By using the Sound mixer class and the computespectrum() method, I was able to get information about an .mp3 file which was loaded in with an .XML file and then create some visuals which more »

For my Co-op education (Internship) which was at the end of my Second year in college, I worked for the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre ‘Lero’, based in the University of Limerick. I worked on an educational outreach program which works at promoting computer science to secondary school students. I designed and developed the website more »