Business Plan for KADM Multimedia Design Company

For a recent assignment which we had for our CS4047 – Multimedia Industry Perspectives at the University of Limerick This was a group project, so four of us from the class, Adam, Kushal, Deirdre and I joined forces to come up with a business plan for a new multimedia design company based in Ireland and more »

Online Community Research – The Drupal Community

As part of our Multimedia Industry Perspective module (CS4047) in the University of Limerick, we had to write a paper on our activities with an online support community. For my community I choose the Drupal Support Community. My main reasons for choosing this community is the fact that I have been involved with it since more »

My Ideal Job
My Ideal Job

To begin describing my ideal job I have to consider all the areas, which I am interested in. Then break those down into areas which I have excelled in and then of course at areas which I have been active in over the past few years while studying at the University of Limerick and completing more »