Audio Visualiser

Audio Viaualiser

This is a college project which I created using Flash AS3 for a module called Interactive Multimedia in my Third year. By using the Sound mixer class and the computespectrum() method, I was able to get information about an .mp3 file which was loaded in with an .XML file and then create some visuals which were created using the AS drawing API.

This project was an interesting one for me as I had never really played with Flash before and had no interaction with Action Script 3 previous to this also. Action Script much like php is a scripting language and is Open Source. The primary challenges faced in this project were first to create an audio player in flash. This was to build an audio interface which could read in an .mp3 file and playback this file through the Flash Player or .SWF shockwave file. The ideal method for calling in an .mp3 file is to load it through an .xml file. One of the great features of AS3 is its ability to communicate with an XML file. The advantage to doing this is that you can add several files to a folder and add the name of each file (*.mp3) to the XML and then allow the Action script and the XML file communicate and add in the titles of tracks and play the audio of that particular track. The next challenge was manipulating the Action Script API to draw shapes based on the audio waveform and this was completed using the computespectrum() method.

I found this project very enjoyable and useful, especially since then I have been working on a project in my workplace which is to create a touch screen interface for a Foyer display screen. The project is to list the Team involved in the centre and inform visitors to their locations in the building. I used Flash Builder 4.5 for my development of this along with Adobe Photoshop and Flash Catalyst to create the skin for the application. I imported an XML file from the Centre website which supplied the necessary information for me to then organised this and call this within Flash Builder.

To view the Visualiser please visit here >>

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