Fire in Cairo – A tribute to the Cure

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Last year I had the privilege of recording one of Ireland’s greatest Cure tribute bands, Fire in Cairo. I recorded them in the CSIS studios in the University of Limerick and mixed them in my own Juniper Studio. The recording session was completed in one day starting at 09:00 and finishing at 18:00 hours. I met with the band the previous day to do a bit of pre-production. We mapped out the recording process from drums to any over dubs which needed to be completed. Keyboard was added a few days later as the keyboard player was unable to make the UL session, but I was able to finish off recording with him with my portable 8 track studio.
All of the demo was mixed at my home studio. The band was very happy with the results and quality of the recordings, which is a very important digital advertising package for them to showcase their portrayal of the legendary Goth band “The Cure”.

All members of the band were experienced musicians who made the process run very smoothly and successfully. The pre-production also allowed us to decide what over dubs were needed as we didn’t want the band to step away from what they could display in a live performance. Now day’s in a world of Digital non linear recording and editing it is very easy to keep adding to parts of the songs and end up with some that is completely lost in translation. The listener hears an 8 piece band instead of the actual 4 members that are actually performing the songs.

No effects were added to instruments i.e. guitars in the mixing process as I wanted the guitarist to use his own effects and play off them rather than adding something later which may sound very forced and unnatural.

The main effects added were reverb to the snare and full kit to add a bigger room sound and create a little more atmosphere which the dead live room in the studio was unable to do.

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